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Why American School of International Academic (ASIA) is the best Franchise to be owned in 2012-2013?


·         The only school system in Pakistan in the private sector that has a charter / Accreditation to issue its own H/S degree.      
·         Established and recognized brand with superior support and success rate. 
·         Build your dreams on our Foundations. 
·         ASIA is a proven leader in supplemental education for more than 16 years. 
·         Ready to be your own boss? 
·         Take advantage of the tremendous growth in the supplemental education industry. 
·         Enjoy the affiliation / Accreditation from the main Educational Commissions of the United States of America.

Dear Investors, 
If you are ready to own a Franchise that will give you the freedom to be your own boss with the satisfaction of helping children in you community, then look no further than the American school of Academics (ASIA). Owning an ASIA franchise allows you to partner with leader in exploring the education market. With more than 16 years of experience in the industry, ASIA is the ideal educational franchise for you. We offer our franchisee a strong foundation for success – an outstanding training and support team combined with high quality instructional programs. From re-opening to launch, day-to-day operations, ASIA franchisee benefits from these advantages:- 
·         A market leading Brand. 
·         More than 16 years of experience. 
·         A reputation for quality. 
·         Solid financials. 
·         Proven results. 
Our educational programs focus on each student’s specific academic need. Our franchise operations focus your needs with:
·         Pre-launch support. 
·         Ongoing Training 
·         Professional marketing support.
Dear Investors,
The rewards for starting you own education franchise can go well beyond the success of the business. If you want to make a difference while becoming a successful business operator, then ASIA is the right choice for you.
Mrs. Ayesha M. Hamid
Superintendent / Dir / CEO
American School of International Academics (ASIA)  

For Detail Please Visit: www.americanschoolfranchise.com ,www.worldfranchisecentre.com

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